Welcome to our Lolablue monthly subscription service.

Boxes ship once per month around the 4th of the month. 

Deadline to sign up: Last day of the month.

Easy to order

Orders ship once per month around the 4th of the month.

We're here to give you the best customer service ever.

Packages arriving may make you Smile!

How It Works

1. Choose your product and subscription

Subscription receives a free gift + coupon code for our regular website every month. 

2. Orders ship once per month around the 4th of each month.

You can cancel anytime.


3. Enjoy!

Never run low on your Lolablue Goodness.

No Toxins. No Aluminum. 

Gluten-free. Paraben-free. Propylene Glycol-free.

Our deodorant is hand-crafted with natural + organic ingredients in small batches.  

Vegan.  Aluminum-free.  Gluten-free.  GMO-free.  Paraben-free.  Corn-free.  



When do boxes ship?

We ship once per month around the 4th of each month.

How does billing work?

This is a monthly subscription service that means you are rebilled every month on the 11th, unless you choose a prepay option. (For example, 3 month prepay will be billed every 3 months if you chose to renew). 

If you choose the gift option, this is a one time order, unless you chose to renew it. 

Rebilling always happens after you receive your first shipment. Rebill date is the 11th.

What is this months deadline?

Cut off date to sign up for next months shipment is the last day of the month.

We ship once a month around the 4th of each month. 

If you would like to know if you made this months deadline. Drop us an email at info@lolablueliving.com

What people say about our Lolablue Deodorant.

Best deodorant I have found. It lasts all day without having to reapply. The stuff I was using before I had to reapply a minimum of twice a day, not to mention it made my clothes a mess. This stuff is fantastic! No mess. No smell.

Angie - Florida

I have tried every deodorant available and this is the ONLY product that has helped control odor and sweat rings! I have been extremely self-conscious about my sweating and have made sure to keep deodorant with me at all times. The ultimate test came when my son was in a 2 day soccer tournament. It was hot, humid and stressful and I never broke a sweat! I will never be without 4 Theives deodorant...EVER!! All I can say is LOLABLUE is a lifesaver....THANK YOU!!

Stephanie - North Port, FL

I LOVE this deodorant! I have had a hard time finding a natural deodorant that really works with out irritating my skin and keeps me smelling good. This one ROCKS!! It works all day long with no irritation. I highly recomend Four Thieves natural Deodorant!

Nichole - Englewood, Florida